Our Company Culture & Team Values

Our Company Culture

We really do have the best job: making sure people from all over the world enjoy exceptional New Zealand hospitality and tourism (as well as ensuring future leaders are inspired by the great outdoors and educational pursuits).   

Our company ethos is all about maintaining a very professional standard of service while at the same time enjoying a laid-back, supportive culture. We value diversity and we embrace sustainability. 

Collaboration and transparency are vital for us because we may not all be working for the same brand, or be located in the same city. Everyone in the organisation is encouraged to have a voice, from new ideas or how to solve a problem, to suggestions for improving operational processes.   

At Haka Tourism Group, we laugh a lot, we seek and act on feedback, we have team shared lunches, our head office has an office dog and we celebrate our successes with true spirit (and bubbles!).   

To paraphrase a few of our HTG whānau: we’re an inclusive bunch of legends who love Aotearoa/New Zealand, love to create good times and from day one, we’ll treat you like whānau (family).

Core Values at Haka Tourism Group


The Haka family trust one another, treat each other well, and put equality and honesty at the heart of all we do. That is why we operate a flat organisational structure and believe in autonomy and accountability when developing staff role profiles. 

Aotearoa Proud

Our love for our land and our culture is why we do, what we do. Whilst we aim to take huge strides, we endeavour to leave few footprints and for cultural education to underpin our manuhiri’s experience. We operate live worm farms across 6 locations nationally and and share our knowledge of culture, history & geography to our guests.

Keeping it Real

We owe our big success to our small company roots, and to the genuine, fresh attitude that keeps us grounded and relevant. No egos, no bull.


Pooling expertise and paying attention to detail are our recipe for top-quality products and services. Aiming sky high – and hitting the target – is the secret of our ever-growing commercial success.

One In A Million

At Haka, it’s of the utmost importance we deliver the best customer experiences and great customer service. Our customers are as individual as fingerprints, and we strive to create flexible, personalised products and services that make everyone feel included, whether they’re 18 or 80.

Reach For It

Boundary-pushing isn’t just for our adventure tourists – it’s our key to innovation and staying ahead of the pack. If it can be done better, we’ll always find a way.